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Buy chocolate for Noble Cause

We all have a personal responsibility to each other and the world around us. Everything we do has an effect on other people. It is the same for businesses, large and small, public or private, that their actions affect a large number of stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been an integral part of the Chocolate Delhi chocolates. We endeavour to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives through NGO Has Foundation.

At Chocolate Delhi we try our best as making socially responsible products, engaging in socially responsible employee relations and making a commitment to the community around us. At the Chocolate Delhi, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a duty; it's a way of life. Established for the purpose of improving, guiding and inspiring the lives of the underprivileged, the Chocolate Delhi facilitates programs and gives direct assistance and resources to individuals, families through NGO Has Foundation. Nurturing experiences and personal opportunities are also provided for those in the community who have little or no access to any assistance. Chocolate Delhi works tirelessly for the improvement of health and education specially for the girl child to make a positive difference to their lives. We at Chocolate Delhi organize various workshops to equip the unprivileged sections of the society by providing free training to them and help them to get absorb at Has Foundation.